What if you were handed a "natural healing tome" filled with the ancient knowledge of the planet's most powerful foods to promise you permanent weight loss... the energy to end daytime fatigue... the power to dodge disease... and even improve your sex life?

The Secrets Of Mother Nature’s
Most Powerful “Super Foods”
Is Finally Revealed…

Jeff Anderson

"It's time for YOU to unleash the healing power of food!

Nature has provided us with the best "pharmacy" known to man and it's right under your nose! In fact, hidden in the natural foods available to you right now are the amazing compounds capable of helping you avoid disease and achieve amazing "super health" now!

Please read the report below as I share with you the simple, natural solutions for unlocking the power of nature's gifts..."
Jeff Anderson, Editor "Do This - Be Fit "


Dear Friend,

I hate to break the news to you…

Despite your best “health conscious efforts”, I guarantee that every time you go to the grocery store and load up your cart you're failing to add the some amazing “super foods” that are literally hidden right under you're nose, just waiting to be discovered!

It's not your fault really…

You've been lied to about what's "healthy" - deceived and taken advantage of by greedy food conglomerates and cunning marketers that are manipulating you into buying lifeless, fortified and potentially disease-causing “food”.

They trick you into making these purchases by disguising this food as healthy when really, it's slowly killing our society!

Look, I know you see it too…

Despite all the information we have now about how to be health, our fellow citizens are the sickest they've ever been!

Obesity is on the rise along with high blood pressure, diabetes, and a whole range of other preventable diseases. This is despite popping more medication and pharmaceutical drugs and despite consuming more so-called “healthy food”.

How is this possible?

Because food works both ways for health. It has beneficial and detrimental effects on your health.

"Let Food Be Your Medicine"

Nature's Detox & Cancer Prevention?


Cloves contain a powerfully active component called, eugenol that's been shown to protect your body from environmental toxins, ease joint inflammation, and even guard against cancer!

Sprinkle a pinch of clove powder on your coffee grinds before brewing and team this amazing "super healer" with the antioxidents in your java for a morning health-booster!

So said the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates... and he was right!

Eating the right foods can certainly be a powerful natural medicine that can fight away almost any illness. But that is only half the story.

The other half is that eating the wrong foods can literally be poison to your body. The wrong foods can steal away your wellbeing and lead to a life of sickness and disease.

The truth is the health food industry is booming. It’s a multi-billion dollar a year cash machine… a food company and marketer’s paradise, as consumers are all but eager to be health conscious and follow the next new health fad and hand over their hard earned cash.

The only problem is the food companies don’t really care about actually making healthy food… they care about making a food “look healthy” with deceptive labeling and tricky marketing of “healthy catch phrases” thereby tricking you into buying an apparently healthy food that could actually be detrimental to your health.

Very few people realize this but that the facts about healthy food have become lost in clever marketing.

When’s the last time you ever read a scientific journal or well researched health article?

The reality is that most of our “health education” comes from advertising. Food marketers basically tell us what they want us to believe… and suddenly their packaged poison is the latest “health food”.

But this deception and trickery can end here… as I pull back the veil on the lies you are being fed by the food industry and reveal the super foods you can start eating today that can turn your health around. Not only will I tell you exactly what you can eat but I will show you the foods you must avoid if you are truly going to live a healthy life.

The human body has the remarkable ability to heal itself
and achieve great health when fed the right way…

Certain Foods Actually Possess “Super Powers” To Burn Off Unwanted Body Fat... Give You Amazing All-Day Energy...And Even Heal Illness!

I want to let you in on the secret of mother nature’s pharmacy… certain foods that posses more healing power, life force and vitality than could ever be bottled or put into a pill.

And guess what? When you take food as your medicine there are no nasty and unwanted side-effects.

And just so you know, when I talk about “superfoods” I’m not talking about just some wild exotic berry only found in South America. I’m talking about readily available foods at your local grocery store that you don’t know about that posses hidden “super powers”.

Foods That HealIntroducing…

The #1 "Super Foods Guide"
For Amazing Health & Vitality!

Foods That Heal &
Foods That Kill!

These are secrets that will literally shock you!


Because not only will we pull back the curtain and reveal to you the common, everyday foods that may be robbing you of your vital life-force and health...

...we'll also reveal the little known world of the real power potential of nature's hidden wonders!

Just wait until you start reading!

In this amazing, life-changing guide, you'll discover such super-charged nutrition strategies like these...

Add this one food to your diet and unlock your "alkaline connection". Many doctors say that our bodies are too "acidic" and this is the cause of many degenerative diseases. But this food can actually REVERSE years of damage beginning with just one serving!
Create a "force field" against cancer when you discover this powerful secret to getting loads more antioxidants into your diet...without taking a single pill!
Just one teaspoon of this "super grain" has as many healthy nutrients as a whole head of dark green lettuce! As a bonus, take it in the afternoon and get an instant energy jolt without stooping to the normal "caffeine buzz" your co-workers rely on!
Which source of heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids is best for your body? (The answer may surprise even the most health-conscious dieter!)
The highest number of antioxidants on the planet are all contained in this one amazing "super powder"...and it's DELICIOUS!
How squirrels have learned to unlock up to 30% more nutrition from nuts and seeds (and the simple trick YOU can steal from them to gain this same exact nutrient advantage)!
Drink this powerful "super drink" when you wake up or after exercise for a serious shot of nutrients that will help you build muscle and burn off extra body fat fast! (Recipe included)

No more bloating, heartburn, and indigestion! The key is to STOP doing this one thing at your meals that's actually causing weak digestion!

The amazing "key to life" that nearly every diet expert completely ignores... yet it's your food's universal connection that can instantly be transformed into a powerful "life force" to energize every cell!

Can diet soda actually be HEALTHY? Experts say "no"... but are they right? You'll discover what the studies REALLY had to say!
The one supplement to take before meals that will help you extract more nutrition from every mouthful of food! (And it's SUPER CHEAP!)
What to ask for at your favorite restaurant that can actually help you
eat less...and yet unlock even more of your food's "micro-nutrients"!

Are YOU Missing Out On This Delicious "Super Bread"?

Super BreadThis amazing bread is considered to be a literal gift from God and has been eaten for thousands of years to achieve "super health".

Eat a slice a day (with a layer of rich organic butter or even health avocado) and enjoy the ancient health benefits few Westerners even know was waiting for them!

It's all covered in "Foods That Heal..." once you download this exclusive guide now!

Are "whole grains" really good for you? Food conglomerates would like you to think so. But not all grains are created equal and you'll finally know EXACTLY what to look for on the label!
The "healthy" food additive meant to deceive caring parents (and grandparents!) that isn't even fit for animal consumption let alone your children or grandchildren!
Addiction to this invisible chemical coating a common "smart snack" is a trick taken right out of the cigarette company play books! These food manufacturers know that it's stripping you of your willpower and tempting you to buy more of this cancer-causing toxin!
5 food packaging LIES you must know before your next trip to the grocery store (even if it's your friendly neighborhood "health food" store!)
"Franken-foods" that have found their way from the lab onto your dinner table...without you even knowing it!
Should you eat wheat gluten? A lot of press has been given to gluten allergies lately. But should you really stop eating it? Our expert exposes the truth behind this common concern once and for all and reveals 3 symptoms that tell you if you shouldn’t be eating whole grains!
75% of all complaints to the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) come from this one substance! Unfortunately, it's a common ingredient in many "diet foods" and you'd never even know it!

The truth about "fortified foods"... and how they're making our kids fatter and fatter in an epidemic of childhood obesity!

When "organics" can actually be WORSE for you than conventional options! This one may anger a lot of the natural health gurus out there... but you can't ignore the reality behind this food manufacturing scam!

The WRONG WAY to prepare your food that's literally robbing you of the powerful nutrients you deserve! (Unfortunately, nearly everyone does it this way - including YOU!)
The healthiest bread that you should be eating (hint: it’s not wholegrain and we'll even share 2 varieties I bet you ‘ve never head of!)
Neuro-toxins! What they are and where they're hiding! (Ignore this at your own life-shortening peril!)
And Much More!

Now you can see why I'm so excited to share this information with you, right?

Being in my mid-40's, I've learned that the secret to staying in amazing shape and achieving life-long health is to nourish my body with the most nutrient-dense foods that harbor the life-force your body needs for "super health".

And that's my wish for YOU as well!

And to do that, I want to set you up with a special offer right now that will give you the shortcut path to discover exactly what foods will help you achieve a new level of "super health"!

In fact, you can grab the entire program right away for only $39.95 today and get instant access to this downloadable health ebook package.

Think about it - over the next year of a "leaner & cleaner" you, your investment is only
about a dime a day!

Imagine living a life filled with super-charged vitality and vigor for $.10 a day!

I'll even back it up with a solid "no questions asked" 100% guarantee to remove any objections you may still have for finally taking back the master controls of your health...

That's my pledge to you and that's how sure I am that this program can truly change not just your health...but your life!

And I'm so eager for you to share the same incredible health that I've experienced that I'm going to throw in...

May We Also Give You 2 Free Gifts
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While everything you need is included in this simple super food guide, we want to make sure you have the most cutting edge information available to help you coninuously improve on your health and vitality.

That's why we've pulled together three additional amazing programs that will dramatically help you achieve the highest level of wellness...

Foods That Heal AudioThe "Foods That Heal" Audio Program
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This is the candid interview that started it all! Listen in as we unravel the mysteries of your body's own natural healing abilities and how to support your whole health plan with our favorite natural health advocate.

Together we uncover the nutritional secrets of Mother Nature for an amazing health-rejuvinating adventure you'll enjoy again and again as you create brilliant health!

You deserve it!


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For those of you who are ready for the next level on your superfood journey, we have a special treat for you!

This is Mother Natur'es Big Book Of Super Food Healing Triggers... a winding path through the latest in all-natural solutions for whatever ails you.

Arthritis... low sex drive... fatigue... PMS... menopause... diabetes... even cancer!

In our "advanced" guide, you'll discover several powerful (but simple!) strategies for tapping into even more of nature's pharmacy for amazing health!


Grab This $99.87 Value All For Just $39.95

YES Jeff! Please share these "super foods" NOW!

I'm ready to begin my journey through Mother Nature's pharmacy and experience all-natural vitality to...

...eliminate harmful toxins from my body

...unleash amazing mental clarity and focus

...defeat daytime fatigue and have non-stop "all day energy"

...jumpstart my metabolism and see effortless weight loss

...decrease inflammation and get rid of limiting back and joint pain

...overcome digestive problems

...get rid of skin rashes

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I have everything to gain and will actually feel the effects of these amazing foods or I can request a full refund and keep the entire program for FREE!

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To Your Amazing Health,
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson

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